homeschool mentor

Are you just getting started with home education? Curious? Wanting to learn more about creating a cirrculum or rhythm for your family? This offering will help guide you in the direction you desire as you step into home education. With 5 years of home educational experience, countless hours of research, workshops and a passion for homeschool, I will be happy to guide you along this path with ease and care. Together we will explore different approaches, styles and ideas to find a direction that best fits you. I will help you see and the gain the confidence to trust your own inner guidance as a parent and home educator. I am honored to answer your questions and concerns and to ease your mind. My main objective it to take the fear and leave you feeling inspired with the tools to move towards where your heart is calling. 

wisdom offerings

Wisdom Offerings are a series of sessions created to guide you into relinquishing to your Higher Self - letting Divine love be your source for healing and to acknowledge the call of your spirit. In each sessions we will sit in prayer asking Source and  guides to meet us for your highest good and clarity. These sessions are an offering of guidance in order for you to shift into a deeper part of your inner knowing, aligning with the Divine and the connecting with your spirit confirming this beautiful + sacred life.

WILD MIRTH READINGS :: A session designed to connect you with your heart center and to gently let the answers reveal themselves to you. Using an Oracle or Tarot deck you will receive a clearer message of what it is you need answered and the knowledge on how to move forward.

WILD MOTHERING SESSION :: Entering and navigating Motherhood is a tender time filled with profound lessons, deep healing and reconstructing our beliefs. This journey can sometimes  feel foreign and unknown leaving us feeling isolated or in doubt. These sessions are designed to help you navigate this path as a new mother to encourage you to trust your intution and to set and hold intentions for your family. Together we will learn the power of ancestral ties, how to heal or release them; allowing Motherhood to become a path to divine personal healing and transformation. I will ask about your values and your famliy's personal culture so that you can come up with rituals and tradtions that best nurture yourself and your family. This is a space were I hold the utmost honor to listen to your experience and help support you so that you can find contentedness and fulfillment as a Mother. 


One of the most calming and powerful actions you can do to intervene in a stormy world is to stand up and show your soul. Struggling souls catch light from other souls who are fully lit and willing to show it.
— Clarissa Pinkola Estes


Coming from a long lineage of Catalonans (Ancient Traditional Filipino Shamans) and Medicine Women, ceremony and ritual have called me from a very young age. It is a place of honoring. A place of stillness, of gratitude and communion. Whether this be a simple post partum steam to sitting in circle with other like minded souls, my heart has been called to give in sacred reverence. 

  • Womens Circles
  • Blessingways
  • Mother Roasting
  • Grief Rituals
  • Prayer
  • Self Care Pratices
  • Family Ritual/Ceremony
  • Space Blessing + Cleansing

womens circles

Sitting in circle with like-spirited women in a safe and sacred space can be one of the most soul-filling and fueling things we can do as women. Coming together to share in story, experience, ceremony, handiwork and food is an ancient practice that most of us have long forgotten. It was the backbone of the village, a place to come together in one accord, communion and to break bread. Today many of us are searching for deep, authentic friendships with women who speak our language and who are willing to hold space for us to loosen and maybe even unravel. 

In these circles we will reconnect with our deep, wild knowing as Sacred Females - our innate gift of intuition and our keen heart centered way of creating relationships with others. These circles hold the divine knowledge passed down to us by our lineage and it is our turn to continue the line. 

There are many different ways we can sit as women be it in a New/Full Moon gathering, a simple coming together in friendship, supporting a new mom or in moments of release. 

Contact me for Circle availability or for mentoring on how to facilitate your own. 


1:1 sessions

 We live in a world where we have been cultured into domestication and material achievements essentially losing our intrinsic, wild nature. Our sense of who we are is wrapped up in layers of unknowing and searching, life yet to be discovered. Let's get you back to your divine essence.  There are many paths to center, to enlightenment, to live from place of higher knowledge + freedom; these channels are in each of us. Sometimes in life we disconnect, reject religion, acquire wounds or live without awareness; we lose our map to Source. This deep work is to guide you back.

This is the heart center of my work. These sessions are anchored in Spirituality and have been a lifetime culmination of practice, learning, teachings and guidance. This has been my lifelong journey, one that has taken me over 20 years to develop and hone. If the draw to this work is what brings you here and I honor that in you. 

1:1 Sessions are collaborative in nature and will organically reveal what it is you need and are ready for at this point in your life. Our work together will move through:

  • The Divine Feminine
  • Spirit Guide Connection
  • Sacred Sexuality
  • Energy Work
  • Befriending the Shadow
  • Self Care Rituals
  • Healing thru Truth
  • Oracle/Tarot Readings
  • Intuitive Messages
  • Prayer + Meditation

These sessions are intended to be ongoing, after our initial  session you will be provided with a PDF of resources, self care rituals + practices to guide you on your journey to healing.