Are you just getting started with home education? Curious? Want to learn more about creating a cirrculum or rhythm for your family? This offering will help guide you in the direction you desire as you step into home education. With 6 years of home educational experience, countless hours of research, workshops and a passion for homeschool, I will be happy to guide you along this path with ease and care. Together we will explore different approaches, styles and ideas to find a direction that best fits you. I will help you see and the gain the confidence to trust your own inner guidance as a parent and home educator. I am honored to answer your questions and concerns and to ease your mind. My main objective it to take the fear out and leave you feeling inspired with the tools to move towards in a way your heart is calling. 

Before our call I will email you a questionnaire to fill out so I can get an idea of how to best to assist you. After our call, you will be provided with a handout with information, sources and a few of our favorite homeschool supplies. Session are generally 90 mins.

*Please be mindful to leave your email with payment.




Through the visual art of Tarot we will explore the interpretations of what is laid out for you. It is a comfortable dip into intuition, inquiry and personal reflection. This is one of my favorite offerings for those who are in the curiosity phase of their journey to those who are seasoned and ready for deeper answers. 

Readings are done via email and are usually a 24hr turnaround, you will be provided with an image of your spread and detailed account of your reading; a follow up call can be arranged.

*Please be mindful to leave your email with payment.