homeschool mentoring

One on One session in person or via phone or video chat. To start I will send you a questionnaire so that I can get a better idea of how to serve you and utilize our time together. You will get a PDF handout of all the topics we will go over for your notes. Sessions last 1-1.5hrs   





Readings are done via email/phone/skype

(email is preferred at this time)




For deeper inquires or readings with follow up conversations



one on one

Initial 1.5 hr session with email follow up 





60 min follow ups




trades + gift offerings

It is my greatest honor + heart call to facilitate and offer gifts of service to those who are feeling pulled towards my work. All of my mentoring, sessions and offerings are available to anyone in need. If you are interesed in a trade or gift offering in lieu of a monetary exchange do not hesitate to contact me. 

Some requests include:

  • large crystals/gemstones
  •  pure beeswax candles
  • natural wool in forms of yarn/roving
  • sound healing instruments    
  • sacred adornments: natural fiber clothing,  jewelry + I love me a good caftan                            
  •  natural self care: plant based medicines, organic teas, natural body care products, incense, EO
  • treats in the form of organic dark chocolate are always welcomed