OF WILD MIRTH  offers a soft place to land, to find comfort and inspire creativity. This is where life is lived thoughtfully and simply in order to cherish the beauty in the everyday.  The rhythm of our life has become the heartbeat and  lifeblood in which we weave together the fibers of what hold us together- as individuals and family. Holding space and intention to nurture what nurtures us. Finding significance and honesty in what it means to be a maker- be it in the home, workplace or for personal preservation.  As a lifelong creative, homeschooling mother of two and  a certified  Spirit Guide Coach it is my hope that you leave here feeling inspired to live mindfully, to cultivate love and connect to your spirit. 






In our first session together we will explore the beautiful and colorful world of homeschooling. I will gladly help support you in the direction your heart is calling  by discussing the different approaches and the real life challenges of homeschooling. 



In our first session we will learn how to connect with our breath, the value of our words and define the quality of life in which we feel heartfelt and passionate about living. You will be given daily tools to guide you to walk with more awareness and to create a more mindful environment in which to manifest your dreams.