• WE are a close knit family and thrive in that dynamic
  • WE have created a holistic learning environment
  • WE structure school so our days are only 2-3 hrs a day, 4 days a week
  • WE do most of our extra curricular activities during work hours so we can utilize evening time as a family
  • WE love the benefits + freedom it affords us
  • WE are Waldorf inspired,  interest lead learners  + explore a wide variety of topics that would not be available at to us at traditional school
  • WE are able to pursue any promising passions
  • WE believe that being free to play outside + imaginatively is an important childhood gift.

IT was never my intention to homeschool my children, at the time  I was working as a photographer and honestly the thought of educating my (then) only child seems daunting and scary.  With a lot of research, a bit of nervousness and no hands on educational experience- we tested the waters. We started our homeschool journey nearly 5 years ago with a smidgen of info from people in real life and a whole lot of concerns,  I can happily say that today we are grounded and have found a rhythm that works for us, even now with a busy toddler in tow.

I have since explored several approaches, types and styles of home education, I have relied on my own intuition alongside what is grade equivalent for both of my girls. I have never bought fancy, expensive, yearlong curriculum. I map and plan our school year every fall. I have learned that simpler is better and easier.  I am thrilled to say that our children are well-adjusted social beings with a vibrant vocabulary and a knowledge of things that light them up. This year I was able to create a small Co-op with other like-minded homeschool families to learn with, adventure with and connect with.

Its really not a scary as you think. I promise.



WANTING to create a daily/weekly/monthly rhythm that lessens the chaos and brings more stability? Interested in bringing  more meaningful rituals into your home and education?

IN these sessions I will teach you to identify your family's dynamic and culture allowing you to create an environment that invites ease and beauty. A rhythm is an intentional flow that centers around predictability and creates security. Its a wonderful tool for balance, grounding and connection. Its not a minute by minute schedule set in stone but a fluid shift that increases calmness and decreases frenzy. 



WONDERING where to start?  Want to gain some real life insight from a homeschool family? Looking for some sort of direction on how you can make this work for your family? 

 I offer a 90 min introduction to home education . Together we will explore different approaches and find a direction that fits you best. I will help you see and gain the confidence to trust your own inner guidance as a parent and home educator. I am honored to answer your questions and concerns and to ease your mind. My main objective is to take the fear out and leave you with the tools to move towards where your heart is calling.