I am Des, I am whole, worthy, happy and content. I am first a Woman guided by Spirit to serve and show up the best way that I can. I am currently in the Mothering phase and share this life with the family I have always hoped to have. With held intention we live in a way that holds meaning for us all. 

I am a creative with a nomadic spirit and a wild heart. I have lived in a third world country, hiked mountains while babywearing and danced on table tops. I am friendly and can find a connection with almost anyone, I didn't realize what a gift this was until it was pointed out to me. I now fully embrace it. I am a believer of love, that its medicine is both boldly potent and a soothing salve. I am an champion for intimacy and truth as one is reliant on the other.

I believe in God, once I connected with the more feminine aspects of the Divine I found salvation. I believe in walking barefoot in nature. I believe in prayer, in stillness and holding intentions. I believe a spiritual foundation will hold you rooted when things go to shit. I believe that enlightenment comes with diving deep into the dirt and filth, descending into the dark in order to ascend into the light. I believe that being awakened is more grit than glory. I believe that we all deserve a group of girlfriends like the foursome in 'Sex in the City', I believe in dark chocolate and late night conversations. I believe in cultivating  intimacy, that motherhood can bring full circle healing and that a warm cup of tea can comfort the soul.  I believe we have access to angels, spirit guides and ascended masters and that we are all capable of receiving their wisdom and insights.  I believe in the sparkle in my children's eyes and in love at first sight.

15 years ago I fell madly in love within 3 days and have been happily married ever since. We now raise our two beautiful and wildly spirited daughters with devotion of who they are and with the ever held intention of closeness. 

I love connections and friendships and a good self care ritual that usually includes a lazy Sunday morning in bed with an extra hot latte and a donut. 

-Virgo Sun/Moon in Pisces/Born on the Full Moon

- I am based out of the PNW


des haigh




I was born on the same day as the Virgin Mary, an auspicious beginning for my journey. At a young age I was always drawn to spirituality, connecting with my guides and intrigued with acts of ceremony and ritual. I recieved the heart call for service at a young age and have been a life long student ever since.

I grew up in the church, my parents were very active members and my father was at seminary studying to become a pastor before he passed away. Shortly thereafter, my mother and I became missionaries and continued so for several years. I returned to the States, enrolled in a religious high school and contributed as much as I could to both school and church. Yet something never quite fit.

I was well into my adult years (after I left the church) when I started to ask about my lineage, as esoteric gifts are usually passed down through the maternal line. My mother immigrated from the Philippines and has limited recollection of ceremonial rites and Ancient Filipino practices (there has been so much history that was lost due to the colonization and religious occupation of the islands) but from what we discovered, I now know I come from a long lineage of Medicine Women, Seers and Spiritual Devotees; this is where the pieces started to come together. Then my Mother passed away, I was both broken wide open and birthed in ways that have formed where I stand today and who I am as a person. 

After years of study, workshops, mentorships, lived life experience  + practice I have come into my own. I have sought out the teachings of my lineage, worked alongside elders and have been granted me permission to step into my place as a Guide. My work centers around guiding Women to connect with their spirits, helping Mothers find beauty + contentedness in this sacred role and to inspire intentional living through practical everyday practices. I support the idea of healthy families and partnerships, I am a devotee of delegating emotional and spiritual labor in the home to inspire the courage and confidence to lead within it. Home Education is a comfort zone for me yet is only one way in which I can express the importance of living by example- it has brought with it a richness of seasonal rhythms and rituals into our home, deepened the idea of a family + given me an education in itself. 

Knitting together my years of study, practice and creating I am honored to hold space for those looking to  shift, heal and connect with honor and love. I am simply a woman living out the wild call of my heart, to join in story with other like-hearted individuals and to be as open as I can.  


  • Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master 
  • Ordained Minister
  • Certified Spirit Guide Coach
  • Tantra: The Art of Sacred Sexuality Masterclass
  • Emotion Coach: The Heart of Parenting Program; The Gottman Institute
  • Currently enrolled in Clinical Foundations in Gottman Method Couples Therapy; The Gottman Institute


This Family


It would have taken much longer for me to have arrived where I am at if it weren't for these blessed humans. 

Creating intimacy within a family is no small task, it actually takes a lot of intention and recognition. As a shareholder in this family I do my part to notice the emotional needs of my family-  has our schedule allowed for the much needed down time my children need. Am I asking too much of them yet still expect them to behave when their limits have been crossed? Does everyone feel supported and heard?

My children are also shareholders in this relationship and the way in which they build closeness and intimacy differ from that of us adults; their desires are absolutely and equally important. Engaging with them in a manner that has meaning and value to them is the commitment I made when I became their Mother.  I look at my children as people I am preparing and sending out into the world both presently and in the future. 

Creating intimacy within a marriage that has served us both was probably the most work for me. For me, intimacy is trusting in someone's truth regardless of my experience to it. I found that my partner and I have different spaces in which we are most comfortable with being our most vulnerable. It took years to navigate and fine tune. Strengthening our emotional and spiritual intimacy opened up our awareness and gave us passion in the best way. 

Our home is active act of love, one that my whole family now participates in and shares.