• 1.5 hr Initial Meeting:  By offering or donations only
  • 60min : $75  
  • 90min: $108 



Ask a question,  invite an intention, ask for wisdom or direction. I use the RETURN OF SPIRIT deck, this set focuses on the personal, emotional and daily challenges of life. The deck uses fractal art and has a beautiful energy- the heart-filled connection with Spirit.  Readings include a detailed written report and a photo of your spread and do not have to be done in person. I will also happily include a few personalized self care rituals, writing prompts and suggestions on how to sit with the information. 

  • Readings: $60 

NOTE: all sessions can be done by any mode of communication or in person.

  • SEARCHING for your truth?
  • NEEDING  a simple yet soulful + rich life? 
  • WANTING to cultivate more meaning and love?
  • TRYING to establish sacred practices and ceremony in your everyday?
  • LONGING to discover authenticity + peace? 
  • DREAMING of fostering a loving +  healthy home?
  • YEARNING for a openness + creativity?

FOR many years I desperatly searched for happiness and contentment yet was only left feeling unfulfilled and even more dissatisfied. I realized I was holding onto to things that were no longer serving me: hurts, misconceptions, self imposed expectations, self comparison and mindless reactions. Once I began to get clear about my truth, my life and the journey I was on - only then was I able to live an honest life with meaning, beauty and fulfillment. Finding a Spiritual connection was key for this healing to happen; connecting to light, my soul and something greater than me allowed me the freedom to let go and find holistic wellness. 

NOW many years later, trained as a certified Spirit Guide coach I am able to offer the same sort of healing path for others. Teaching how to deeply listen, define intentions and desires and connect to that place deep within; this is where the healing can begin. In my practice I hold no authority,  together we establish a fellowship where your spirit is able to find stillness and ease so that you may hear, sense and feel what it truly happening. Here you will be able to access your wholeness and observe to your truth. You can just be instead of just do. Breathe, invite peace.



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