OF WILD MIRTH embraces heart-centered healing, spirituality, ritual and the Sacred Feminine. Here you are supported to live thoughtfully and simply in order to cherish the beauty in the everyday. This where the awarness of the rhythm of our lives becomes the heartbeat and lifeblood in which we weave the fibers of what hold us together -as individuals and as  family. Here you will be encouraged to hold space and intention to nurture what nurtures you,  finding significance and honesty in what it means to live a rich and soulful life.  

Of Wild Mirth inspires connection with a deep and Divine love through offerings of service, inuitive readings, workshops and one on ones.  These are held to honor and guide those who are willing to step into healing, expansion and growth- to move into freedom, peace and self-compassion. To live from a place of true knowing. 

As a lifelong creative, homeschooling mother of two, Healer and certified Spiritual Guide, it is my hope that you leave here feeling inspired to live mindfully, to cultivate love and to connect to your wild spirit.